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"But in the end you know it’s gonna be me you can’t deny, so just tell me why every little thing I do never seems enough for you"

"Don’t give them your hearts give them your bullets you’ll never feel the trigger if it’s you who pulls it ."

"So bleed those wrists and purse those lips. It’s never getting any better then this."
-Make-out Monday

My ideas.

They should make 3 disk DVD players, like the CD players. So once you’re finished watching one movie you can just hit the remote and go to the next without having to get up and change the disk. Yeah that’d be great.

At warped tour a few days ago.

Me:  I don't have a dlv shirt yet but I don't think he has any with him
My sister:  ask him for the one he's wearing
Me:  yeah I'm just gonna ask him for the shirt off his back
My sister:  trade him
Me:  with what ?
My sister:  the shirt you're wearing.  *walks up to danny*
Danny:  I like your daisy shirt
Me and my sister:  LOL